2 Reasons to Install a Plumbing Access Panel

The main aim of a plumbing access panel is to make plumbing repair jobs easier. The panels provide access to one segment of the plumbing framework. It does not provide access to the whole unit. You will need to select the segment where you want to install the plumbing access panel. For example, this can be the bathtub or shower area. It is possible to install more than one panel, which will make it possible for you to access different segments.

Some years back, plumbing access panels were a regular feature in houses. They were ugly, hinged plastic doors that poked out from the walls in the living rooms and bedrooms. Over the years, the builders decided to do away with the panels as they decided to go in for aesthetics over the practical functionality they offered. The modern plumbing codes also do not mandate the use of the panels.

Despite going against the grain, many households nowadays make it a point to incorporate plumbing access panels in their plumbing framework. They are going in for them for two reasons.

Easy Access: The main reason to go for a plumbing access panel is that it allows the user to access the different segments of a plumbing unit. It gives one access to the underlying plumbing problem. Repairs can be carried out in a much easier way.

Better Design: The second reason is that these panels are now available with a better design. They also look much better. These can be used to replace existing ugly panels.