2 Reasons to Replace Your Toilet's Float Ball

A float ball is generally found on an old style flush toilet. When it is floating, it holds up the float arm. If the float arm isn’t held up the valve in the ballcock mechanism won’t operate properly. If the float ball isn’t doing it’s job, your toilet won’t work. Here are two of the reasons why you should replace your float ball.

Reason 1 - The Float Ball is Cracked

If the float ball is cracked or has a hole in it, it will fill up with water and will be heavier than it should be. This means that the float ball won’t float properly and in turn, it won't pull up the float arm which raises the valve plunger. The function of the valve plunger is to allow fresh water to flow into the tank. 

Reason 2 - The Float Ball is Covered in Residue

Sometimes chemicals will build up on a float ball and prevent it from sitting properly. Chemicals will also eventually break down the plastic, causing rot and damage. Before this happens, replace it with a new one. The float ball costs very little to replace but could ultimately save you a lot of money if any further damage occurs.