2 Reasons to Use Plastic Tiles instead of Glass 2 Reasons to Use Plastic Tiles instead of Glass

If you are torn between using glass or plastic tiles in your home, then you may not be sure which is best. There are many reasons for using glass tiles in accentuating designs, and creating a good look for the room, but plastic tiles can also be very effective. There are also a number of reasons why you should not use glass tiles in your decoration.

1. Glass Tiles Are Dangerous

The most important reason not to use glass tiles in your home is that they can easily become dangerous. A broken mirror tile can create a sharp edge which can cut, and glass can also shatter, creating shards which can easily find their way into skin. Plastic tiles can break, but they are less likely to produce the shards which are so dangerous. Plastic tiles are also easier to handle during removal, as you are not likely to suffer shattering of the plastic.

2. Plastic Tiles Are Convenient

Plastic tiles are more convenient than glass or mirror tiles. Glass tiles can be expensive and heavy, making them hard on the wallet and awkward to install. The heaviness of glass tiles, relative to their weight, can also make getting them to stick very difficult. On the other hand, plastic tiles are cheaper, and relatively lightweight for their size.

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