2 Reasons Why the Humidistat Should Be Installed Above the Humidifier

A humidistat is used for measuring and controlling the relative humidity of a place. The humidistat is attached with various humidifying equipments and is used for controlling them. The humidistat contains a sensing element for measuring humidity and a relay amplifier.

1. Proper Control

When the humidistat is used along with the humidifier you can keep a proper control over the moisture level of the room. It is not possible for you to measure the humidity of the room after a certain interval of time and then switch on or switch off the humidifier. A humidistat performs this operation on its own. The humidistat comes with a knob with which you can set the humidity level according to your need and then it will be controlled automatically.

2. Helps to Save Power and Decreases Bacterial Growth

The humidistat turns off the humidifier when the humidity of the room reaches a certain level and thus the humidifier is not consuming electricity all the time unnecessarily. Also if the humidifier is turned on for a prolonged period of time the moisture in the room will become much more than what is required. If the room is very humid then bacterial growth and other microbes will increase in number under such conditions.