2 Rock Waterfall Design Ideas 2 Rock Waterfall Design Ideas

A well-designed rock waterfall can add character to a home and also provide a feeling of cool tranquility. In addition, a rock waterfall will produce soothing sounds that encourage comfort and relaxation. You can use a rock waterfall either indoors or outdoors, and it will use much less water and energy than you might think.

Ideas for Rock Waterfalls

  1. Corner Rock Waterfall - You can install a rock waterfall in the corner of your dining room or living room and it will produce a natural symphony of sounds that will help to relax you and reduce stress. Corner waterfalls are convenient because they are tucked away in a corner out of the way while still adding audible and visual charm to your home.
  2. Rock Waterfall Fountain - You can incorporate a rock waterfall fountain in your front or back yard to create a beautiful and tranquil centerpiece for your landscape. When designing a rock waterfall fountain, you should pay close attention to the height of the fountain. While a tall fountain will certainly have a more dramatic effect, it may not fit well in your landscape because it is too large. Consider a rock water fall fountain that offers better balance and harmony with the rest of your landscape.

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