2 Science Project Ideas

Coming up with attention-grabbing science project ideas can seem challenging, especially when there are so many possibilities that have already been explored. A good starting point is to observe and question everyday occurrences and then think of how these questions can be answered. The following are two project ideas to get you started.

1. Chemistry: Testing Acid vs. Alkaline

In this project, you will create your own indicator solution to determine which everyday liquids are acidic and which are alkaline. This is a good science project to demonstrate how the pH scale works. Start with 2 cups of chopped red cabbage and soak this in boiling water for at least 20 minutes or until the water turns a similar red shade as the cabbage. Red cabbage contains flavin, a compound that changes color once it comes in contact with a substance that is either alkaline or acidic. Cut some test strips out of coffee filter paper, soak them in the indicator solution, allow them to dry, and then dip one end of each into different test solutions.

2. Physics: Bending Light

This project demonstrates how light bends as it passes through objects. Start by filling a medium sized glass bowl with cooking oil, and then carefully slip a smaller glass bowl into the oil. The smaller one should seem to disapear due to the way the light hits the oil. Continue by trying this again with water in the larger bowl instead.