2 Screen Stretching Methods 2 Screen Stretching Methods

If you have never done it before, screen stretching may seem out of your league but it really isn't hard at all. Here are two ways that you can get this task done.

Method 1 - Stretching on a Preroutered Frame with Rope

When you are buying the screen you want to make sure that it is at least 2 inches longer than your frame on each side. Then, once you have your screen you want to either immerse it in water or take a soaked sponge and get the entire screen wet. Cut eight pieces of rope that are about 1 inch each as well as one piece that is the same circumference as the frame. Lay out the frame with the side of the groove facing up and lay the screen over it, making sure that it is centered. Take one of the smaller rope pieces and put it in the groove and tap it in. Then pull the screen tightly and do the same for the other end, tapping the rope into the wedge. For smaller frames you may only need about four pieces, however for a larger frame you will want to use all eight or even more. Then begin on the of the corners and tap in the long rope and work it all the way around. Then trim off any of the extra screen that may be hanging off.

Method 2 - Stretching with 1 by 2 Stock

For this method you will need to buy 1 by 2 stock that is longer than the width of the window for your screen. You will also need to find 1 by 4 stock so that you can saw out the wedges. Next you will want to cut your new screen about 1 inch longer than your frame and lay it down horizontally and make sure that it is centered. While you are attaching the top of the screen to the frame with staples, you will be attaching the 1 by 2 lengths below the bottom of the same frame. Then, with the new screen in between you will want to stretch the rest of the screen over the 1 by 2 at the bottom and nail or staple it to another 1 by 2. Now that you have made wedges you can put them in the middle of the edge of one of your 1 by 2's and the bottom of the frame. After you tap it a little you can then staple the screen to the frame's bottom as well as along the sides all of the way around. Try to staple so that each is about an inch or two from the next one. Now you can cut off any of the extra screen and reattach the screen.

This same method works great with clamps and sawhorses and especially well for a larger frame.

This method is probably a little bit easier and more conventional than the first method with the rope, however each of these techniques will get the job done for you. Good luck!

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