2 Signs a Brake Drum Needs Resurfacing

Your drum brake is a very important feature in your car as far as safety is concerned. It is bound to wear down with time and require replacement and repair. It is easy to tell whether your drum brake needs resurfacing by looking for a few signs. You should resurface your drum brake immediately you spot the following:

1. Noisy Drum Brake

The first sign that your drum brake needs resurfacing is if it produces a grinding or squealing noisy sound. Listen to the drum brake as you apply the brakes. Squealing is often because of the drum brake shoes wearing off. The grinding sound, on the other hand, is a sign that the brake shoes have worn off to the bare metal, which is rubbing against the drum. You should replace the shoes and also check the condition of the interior of the drum to see whether it also needs resurfacing. In the case of grinding, you will definitely have to resurface the drum.

2. Pulsating Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal pulsates as you apply the brakes, then this is another sign that your drum brake needs resurfacing. The cause is often a drum that is out of round which is transmitted to the brake pedal as a pulsation.