2 Spark Plug Thread Chaser Thickness 2 Spark Plug Thread Chaser Thickness

A spark plug thread chaser is the perfect way to remove dirt and debris from the threads of your spark plugs. As with the rest of the engine, spark plugs are vulnerable to becoming blocked or damaged due to a build up of oil and dirt in the car parts. A spark plug thread cleaner is used to remove this dirt from the spark plug, although you will need to ensure that you have the correct thickness for your spark plug. This can be established by measuring the spark plugs, and working out the size of your threads.

14 to 18 Millimeter Threads

These are the most common type of spark plug thread cleaner, and they can be used on the majority of car spark plugs. These plug thread cleaners are thick enough to remove most of the dirt from your large spark plugs.

12 to 14 Millimeter Threads

If you have a smaller spark plug thread, then the 14 to 18 millimeter spark plug thread chaser will not be suitable for your plugs. As you need something which can fit into the smallest areas, you should consider purchasing a 12 to 14 millimeter thread chaser.

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