2 Steps to Applying a Great Lacquer Stain

A lacquer stain provides a high quality finish to your furniture. A lacquer stain comprises of lacquer thinner and nitrocellulose. When working with lacquer it is important that you do so in a well-ventilated room. To enhance safety, wear a chemical respirator so that you do not breathe in the fumes. Set up a fan to blow fresh air into the working area and have all windows in the room open wide. You ought to exercise care because there is a risk of a fire exploding in the room if there is no proper ventilation.

Applying a lacquer stain is a 2-step process involving brush on and spray on lacquer stains. These stains come in a variety of packaging, which are aerosol cans for small projects and paint cans for bigger jobs.

1. Brush-on Stain

Use a high quality brush to apply thin coats of the stain. Brush-on lacquer stain does not dry as fast as spray-on stain. While brushing the stain, avoid over brushing, as this is likely to spoil the finish. Any poor finishes or rough patches can be smoothed out with a scotch-brite pad. Before applying a second coat, make sure the previous coat is dry.

2. Spray-on Stain

Use a high quality brush to apply thin coats of the stain and let it dry. Observe the surface for any imperfections and smooth any rough sections with a sand paper. Clean off any dust or debris and apply additional coats of the stain.