2 Tankless Hot Water Heater Problems

There are many reasons why you might consider owning a tankless hot water heater. These are generally considered to be better suppliers of hot water for a family, and they also help to save space, and conserve energy. However, as with any other modern device, there are some problems which can make a tankless hot water heater a pain to use.

1. Limits in Water Distribution

The biggest problem is the limits in hot water distribution. As the tankless heater warms up water on demand, that means that there is none spare should someone want to have a shower and run a hot tap at the same time. You could find that the heater is unsure which hot water need is greatest, resulting in poorer flow in both the shower and the tap.

2. Limited Capacity

While the tankless hot water heater is ideal for a small family, they do not have the capacity to heat the amount of hot water that would be needed in a larger home. If you use more hot water than the average, you might find that it is not a good choice. In addition, because of the added pressure on the unit, you may find that it is using up more electricity than an average size immersion heater.