2 Thermostat Designs for Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Electroic hydronic baseboard heaters are a type of baseboard heater that uses water and electricity to heat a room. Baseboard heaters in general are fantastic additions to rooms especially when you need to add an additional source of heat to warm up a room that may not have enough ductwork or that may just not get warm enough for your tastes. The heat output amount is controlled by a thermostat. Below are different designs of thermostats that can be considered for your electric hydronic baseboard heater.

Wireless Remote Thermostats

You can purchase your heater so that it can work with a wireless remote thermostat. Enjoy controlling the level and the amount of heat projected from the baseboard while in another room in the house, while sitting on the sofa or while preparing dinner in the kitchen. You can set the temperature remotely and reset it based on your preferences.

Built-In Knobs

The most common type of thermostat control for these heater systems are built right onto the baseboard system. The knob works so that you can control the on and off positions and the amount of heat to emit in the room based on your warmth and cool preferences.