2 Things to Check when a Shower Diverter Valve Won't Shut off

A shower diverter valve enables you to control the amount of water that goes into separate outlets on the shower head. Most types of valves have one, two or three outlets and they may be fitted into handheld or wall mounted shower heads.

Most types of shower diverter valves that are made of brass or chrome finish are durable but even then, types of diverter valves may leak and refuse to shut off after some time. If your shower diverter valve with hot shut off, you need to troubleshoot the problem right away to avoid water damage. Below are some of the things that you should check when troubleshooting the problem on your diverter valve.

The Inside Nut on the Stem

A loose inside nut can cause the water to flow freely from the shower head even after you shut off the diverter valve. To fix this condition, tighten the inside nut until the water stops leaking from the shower head. If the water does not stop flowing even after you tightened the inside nut, you should check the other nuts in the diverter valve and tighten them all.

Check for Damage on the Diverter

Cracks and damages on the diverter can cause water to leak. Check the diverter for signs of wear and tear.