2 Things to Know before Hanging a Framed Mirror 2 Things to Know before Hanging a Framed Mirror

Before you start to hang your framed mirror, you need to do some research into the best methods of installing this type of mirror. You can do a lot with a framed mirror, but you need to work out how to hang it so that it looks good, and is a useful item in your house. Improper hanging of mirrors can leave you disappointed.

1. Positioning the Mirror

You need to place your framed mirror in the right location. You don't want to place it in the line of direct sunlight, as this can make it very hot, and it could even pose a fire risk in the summer. If the mirror is heavy, secure it in one or more studs, as the sheetrock may not provide adequate support. Special picture-hanging hardware is readily available at home improvement and hardware stores as well.

2. Use Adequate Support

You need to support the frame of your mirror. Large framed mirrors can be very heavy, so you should add extra nails around the sides of the frame. If you are hanging the mirror so that it is at an angle, lift up the bottom of the mirror slightly, and fit a nail into the framed bottom. This should help it to hang forward, while still employing a supporting screw or nail.

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