2 Things to Know before Moving a Toilet Drain

Moving a toilet can be a challenge because of the need to also move the toilet drain. Obviously, a toilet cannot work without a drain. Moving the toilet may be relatively simple, but moving the drain can be a major headache. There are two things you should know before attempting this.

Tapping into Toilet on the Ground Floor or Basement

You'll need to cut into where your toilet is mounted on a concrete slab, expose the toilet drain, and tap into it. Once your new drain is in place, backfill the soil you've removed and pour another slab around the new drain. Then, connect a new toilet flange between the toilet and the new drain.

Tapping into a Toilet on a Second Floor

Expose the toilet pipe by cutting away the floor or the ceiling on the first floor. Then, as instructed in the above paragraph, tap into the newly exposed toilet drain pipe. With the pipe connection made, you'll now need to rebuild the floor and ceiling that was dismantled. This will likely involve ceiling joists, replacing ceiling drywall on the first floor, as well as installing new sub-flooring and floor covering.