2 Things to Know before Restoring an Art Mural 2 Things to Know before Restoring an Art Mural

If you have an art mural in your home, then you may decide that it needs restoring or renovating. Art murals that have been painted a long time ago may start to flake away from the plaster, or the paint may crack. Before you do a restoration of the mural, you need to know some information which can effect how you commence the restoration.

Research Is Important

If you want to restore your art mural, you will first need to do some research into the artwork. Look at what kind of style the mural is painted in, and then look at art books to work out the kinds of plaster, paints, and methods you will have to use in order to make an authentic restoration.

Consider Your Skills

When you have researched the art mural, you also need to consider if you are the right person for the job. Your skill set may mean that you cannot restore your artwork to the necessary level. This is particularly important if you find that your mural was painted during an important period in American history, or made by a well-known painter. This should bring your restoration to a halt until you have contacted a local university or conservation office.

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