2 Things to Know Before Shopping for Radiant Barrier Foil

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If you want to keep warm air in your home and cold air out of it, radiant barrier foil can help. These rolls of foil are designed to be laid across the floor, walls, and roof of your attic. Here are some things to know before you start shopping for radiant barrier insulation.

1 - Good in Winter, Good in Summer

Although most types of radiant barrier foil are installed because the owners want to prevent heat from escaping into the attic, this foil also works well during the summer months by preventing heat from traveling down through the attic and into your home.

2 - Look for Lamination

You can't just buy some foil and spread it over your attic floor. You need to look for a laminated reflective surface of 2 or more layers. When installing this laminated foil, look out for patches of sunlight, since these foil layers can absorb heat from the sun and start fires.

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