2 Things to Know When Shopping for a New Furnace Motor

When shopping for a replacement furnace motor, there are 3 things that you should keep in mind. Here is a quick guide to help you through the process of buying a new furnace motor for your home.

Tip 1 - Check the Speed of the Motor

The speed of the motor is something that you will want to check before you purchase a new furnace motor. You will find that many of the newer motors have variable speed fans as opposed to some of the older ones that have just two speeds. There are also motors that have smart fans, which are typically best for those who may not clean the fan as much as they should. The fan will actually speed up when it starts to get dirty so that it can try to clean itself. This type of fan is also great for humidity, so if that is a problem in your home, it is something you may want to look into. 

Tip 2 - Check Age and Brand

Checking the age of your actual furnace may make a difference when it comes to the type of motors that are made now and the compatibility. The brand and the age will come into play when you are choosing which motors to start looking at. This can help you narrow down your search a great deal.