2 Tips for Hanging Curtains under Window Trim

A home with window trim.

If you've been looking to hang curtains beneath window trim, you may be wondering how to go about the hanging process. If so, read on to learn helpful tips.

Acquire the Right Type of Curtain Rod

Before you can hang curtains beneath your window trim, you'll need to purchase the proper size and type of curtain rod. To this end, you will need to use a tape measure to measure the window at the top where you will mount the rod. Measure across the window within the frame. Next, you will need to purchase a tension rod or an indoor mounting rod that conforms to your measurements. Additionally, be sure to purchase curtains that feature a string of mounting rings or a pocket top that will accommodate your rod.

Carefully Hang Your Curtains

If you chose to purchase a tension rod, simply slide it through your curtains' mounting rings or pocket top. Then gently squeeze it into your window trim. Tension rods are very flexible and quite easy to install. Alternatively, if you chose to purchase an indoor mounting rod, slide it through the mounting rings or pocket top, and then use two small screws and a screwdriver to attach the rod's end sockets to your window frame.