2 Tips for Installing a Water Meter in Your Home

A water meter.
What You'll Need
Water meter or plumbing course
Installation standards for local community
Phone number for a licensed plumbing contractor

Water meter installation is done by a licensed plumber or contractor who is qualified to install the water meter. Unless you are a licensed plumber, you will not be able to accomplish this task by yourself unless the community standards where your home is permits unlicensed plumbers to accomplish this work. Installing a water meter requires training in pipe fitting, welding, basic plumbing, and ensuring that the meter is tied into the water system for your home in order to properly measure usage.

If you are looking to install a water meter in your home, the best tips are to become a licensed plumbing contractor or hire a licensed plumbing contractor. Don't take on this type of work to save a few dollars on your home construction if you are not qualified to do so. Reading an article like this will not come close to providing you with all of the knowledge necessary to complete this installation.

Step 1 - Contact a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Initially, when you moved into the home your water meter was installed as part of the construction process regardless of whether you bought the house new or if it is an older house. If you have a concern that the existing water meter is leaking or is in need of replacement because of age you need to obtain the number of a plumbing contractor in your area who installs water meters. Call this individual on the telephone based on a referral or recommendation and work out terms to have them come out and install the water meter that you need for your home.

Step 2 - Sign Up for a Plumbing Curriculum

If you believe that you have the skills to install a water meter at your home without the help or assistance of a licensed plumber, you will need to obtain the required skills in order to accomplish this task. You should first check the water meter installation standards for your community in order to determine whether or not you are permitted to do this work yourself or whether you need to hire someone who is licensed. Once you determine that you can become qualified to perform the installation, find a course in your community that will give you credentials as a plumber. The length of time that you will spend in this course will vary, so check out different providers including trade schools and technical colleges.

Complete each section of the training including basic plumbing skills, pipe fitting, welding, and other skills needed to accomplish the installation of a water meter. Once you pass the examination associated with the course and pay any fees required by your jurisdiction, you are ready to install the water meter.