2 Tips for Laying Outdoor Patio Tile 2 Tips for Laying Outdoor Patio Tile

Outdoor patio tile adds that special touch to a home or garden, and can transform an outdoor space into a sophisticated retreat you can enjoy with friends and family. Successfully installed patio tiles last for years and are well worth the price. Here are 2 tips for laying outdoor patio tile:

Tip #1

Always prepare the area before starting to lay tiles. If you lay outdoor tiles on unprepared ground the life of your tiles will be shortened.

Drain the area with a pump to make sure the land is dry-you can rent a pump for a day. After drainage, turn the soil using a gardening hoe or rake. Even out the ground after aeration by using a flat metal sheet with weights distributed across the top. Move it slowly to remove extra soil. Add some coarse sand to improve the tiles' grip.

Tip #2

After you lay each tile side-by-side, walk on each one as you lay it to help it settle. Choose a pattern that you like. Lay the tile in difficult areas and corners by measuring the spot, marking the tile with a pencil, and using an electric stone cutter to cut each tile to the appropriate size.

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