2 Tips for Proper Brick Patio Drainage 2 Tips for Proper Brick Patio Drainage

A brick patio is a small area built outside your home with proper bricks and stones for recreational purposes. You can build this place yourself provided you do your homework and a trial work.  

 Tips for Brick Patio:

There are certain things which you need to keep in mind while you plan to build your brick patio such as brick patio drainage requirements.

Care for Drainage

The place where you choose to build your brick patio should not be too low. This will cause drainage problems. Water may stand in low areas during rains and it can dislocate the bricks or cause uneven surface.

Elements for Drainage

You will not only need the bricks and stones to build your patio but also sand, gravel and landscape fabric; coarse washed sand and class V limestone forms (or recycled concrete and asphalt mix) for fills. The landscape fabric (which is placed on the soil; above which the gravel is placed) stabilizes the sand below the gravel and allows the water to drain through. The fabric doesn’t allow the water to be stagnated and keeps the gravel and the soil apart. Landscape fabric also needs to be placed above the gravel. The granular fills and coarse washed sand will help the bricks to be tightly packed.

Taken all the care and precautions the brick patio can be built efficiently as well as long-lasting.

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