2 Tips for Removing Dandelions 2 Tips for Removing Dandelions

Dandelions are a nuisance in any well manicured lawn; blemishing the grass with their undesirable weedy appearance and yellow blossoms. For this reason, one may wish to remove dandelions from their yard and prevent them from reappearing. This article will instruct you on two ways to remove dandelions from your yard before quickly listing ways to prevent them from coming back.

Tip 1

Use a spade to dig out the dandelion and its root system. Most dandelions roots can be located within the first 4 inches of top soil. Dig them out and make sure to remove the root system.

Tip 2

Another method you may choose to employ requires the use of an herbicide and is the best method for people with an intense dandelion infestation. The best herbicide to use against dandelions is pure vinegar. Spray a fair amount of vinegar directly onto the dandelion plant until it is saturated. Be careful, though, because vinegar will also kill your grass.

The best way to prevent dandelions from returning to your yard is by avoiding overwatering. Overwatering provides surplus water for dandelions and other invasive weeds to establish themselves in your yard. Mowing frequently with your lawn mower blades set at two inches will also detour dandelions from populating your yard.

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