2 Tips for Repairing an Air Conditioner Leak

An air conditioner leak is one of the most common problems your air conditioner could have. Due to wear and tear, several complications and unexpected problems may arise, especially when you use your air conditioner for long periods of time, like during hot summer weather.  While you can hire a professional to fix an AC leak, you may be able to save money if you do some of the troubleshooting yourself. Follow the tips below when trying to fix a leak in your cooling unit.

Check  the Evaporation Pans

Almost every type of air conditioner has an evaporation pan located at the bottom. This functions as a catch basin for the water that flows from your unit. It allows the liquid to stay there for long periods or until it has completely evaporated. If you are experiencing a leak in your unit, check on this area as a first step. Most of the time, the spilling happens when the air conditioner is slanted upwards, directed toward your house. As a result, the water leaks before it evaporates. You can fix this by tilting the pan downwards or to a position where it can steadily hold water.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Leveled

Most of the time, leaks in your air conditioner are caused by improper leveling of the unit. You can avoid this problem by getting a leveling ruler and having your air conditioner leveled. Your unit should always be at right angles with your house to prevent spilling. To successfully do this, ensure that the bubble in your leveling ruler is at the center.

Alternatively, you can hold a shim in every corner of the air conditioner or wherever a shim is needed to get the desired level. You can secure the shim by using a hammer to gently hold the shims in place. After putting the shims into place, check the levelness of the air conditioning unit with a leveling ruler.

Once you have made your air conditioner is now perpendicular, it will not leak anymore. The last thing you should do is to make sure the shims are properly secured to prevent this problem from occurring again. You can do this by securing the frame of the air conditioner and the shim with the use of a caulk.