2 Types of Brad Nailers Explained

Brad nailers are commonly used for home improvement projects. In fact, a brad nailer is a popular tool in any DIY kit. It is basically used to fasten 18 gauge brad nails (which have a distinct rectangular head) in various home repair projects. It is a more convenient option as compared to manually hammering the brad nails in. Also, it helps to considerably reduce work time as it allows you to work faster and ensures a cleaner finish. Brad nailers are mostly used for fastening pieces of furniture together, attaching trims to cabinets, and other small carpentry projects.

There are two types of brad nailers in the market: an electric brad nailer and a pneumatic brad nailer. Given below is brief description about both brad nailers.

1. Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Pneumatic nailers work by using compressed air. This compressed air is fuelled through the lightweight hose. This hose drives the compressor and powers the gun. Pneumatic brad nailers are a popular choice of tool because they allow the worker to work efficiently without wasting time. It also allows for a very neat, professional finish, even when the task at hand is complex (for example, adding trimto a cabinet). That said, when using a pneumatic brad nailer, it is important to keep some safety issues in mind. The pressurized air is responsible for a high rate of accidents, and therefore it is essential to handle the instrument with care.

When it comes to choosing a pneumatic brad nailer, there is a variety in terms of sizes available, as well as operating methods. You need to pick the one that best suits your construction needs. The instrument itself consists of the gun, an air hose, batteries and a cartridge. In addition, there are certain issues that need to be considered before opting for a pneumatic brad nailer. A pneumatic brad nailer may seem like a cost-effective option, but over time, its maintenance costs (oil checks, hose replacements, etc.) will add up.

2. Electric Brad Nailer

The alternative to a pneumatic brad nailer is an electric brad nailer. As the name suggests, the electric brad nailer is powered by an electric motor. It is this electric motor that powers the gun and drives the brad nails through. An electric brad nailer tends to be a heavier machine by default, as the bulky motor adds to its overall weight. However, despite the slight bulk, the electric brad nailer is very effective to work with. It gets the job done much faster and more efficiently than a manual attempt.

Like the pneumatic brad nailer, the electric brad nailer also requires the same set of safety precautions. The nailer gun is known to cause injuries when handled improperly. Hence, it is crucial to have a first aid kit at hand at all times.

The electric brad nailer may come across as the more expensive option when its prices are compared with the pneumatic variety; however, this cost difference evens out in the long run. Over time, the electric brad nailer instrument proves to be more cost-efficient as it needs only a limited amount of maintenance.