2 Types of Dog Kennel Covers

Dog kennel covers help keep your canine friend dry when it’s out in the kennel area. The cover fits over the top of the chain link area. There are different types of dog kennel covers available.

1 - Tarpaulin

The cheapest and simplest kind of dog kennel covers are tarpaulins. Simply stretch the tarp over the top of the kennel, then attach to the fencing with strong cable ties. It’s far from perfect. Water will pool on the tarp and will need to be removed. It also doesn’t offer the best protection to the dog although it will give shade in the sun.

2 - Fitted Cover

You can buy carefully designed fitted dog kennel covers for your dog kennel. The have a peaked roof so the rain will just run off. Some also have extra flaps on the side that can be adjusted to give more shade to your dog. The problem is that these dog kennel covers are relatively expensive, and not available for all makes and sizes of dog kennel. Expect to pay about $100 for good dog kennel covers. The fitted covers are designed to last for several years. With good care they can last as long as the kennel itself.