2 Types of Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Natural gas conversion kits come in different types to address the gas conversion needs of consumers. Natural gas is a cheap, efficient, and environmentally-safe fuel. Because they save on electricity bills, conversion kits have become very popular. These can be used to convert gasoline, diesel, propane or LPG to natural gas. Here are two basic types of natural gas conversion kits.

1. Gasoline/Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Gasoline/Diesel NGC kits work as devices that alter the internal combustion engine so that it runs natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel. Every vehicle can be modified to run exclusively on natural gas or can be made to automatically switch from NG to diesel or gasoline. These kits are available for almost any brand of vehicle sold on the market. They can be bought online or through various retail stores. However, some kits may not be found in your location; so, it is best to work with an experienced mechanic in order to get the kit installed in a correct manner. Those that are mechanically adept may install the kit by following the technical support and installation instructions that come with it. 

Not all kits that convert gasoline or diesel to natural gas are EPA certified. In the Unites States, CARB and EPA mandate the use of certified conversion systems, installed by trained professionals or qualified system retrofitters. The installation of non-certified systems is regarded a federal violation, with penalty of $5,000 and more daily. In any case, it is best to consult a qualified technician about the appropriate kit to install in a car as to ensure safe installation procedures.

It is also good to note that natural gas conversion kits are divided into different types according to the kinds of vehicle systems used—open loop systems, closed loop systems and sequential injection systems.

2. Propane/LPG to Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Propane and LPG are typically used for home heating systems, cooking systems, and other gas-powered devices. Barbecue grills are usually fitted with this type of natural gas conversion kit as to save on gas costs. While you will invest a good amount of money to install one, the installation costs will be compensated with energy savings over long periods of use.

The installation of your newly bought conversion kit is not a hard task to accomplish. It simply requires changing the gas feed line with the conversion kit. However, it is important to follow instructions in order to avoid gas leaks. Make sure you turn off the gas line and the grill or other devices as to prevent the gas from escaping.


On purchasing a natural gas conversion kit for diesel or gasoline engines, make sure you determine the right type for the vehicle. These kits have different designs according to the type of engine to be used on.

When you install propane to natural gas conversion kits, double check the connections to inspect for leaks and avoid fire hazards in your home.