2 Types of Patio Privacy Screens 2 Types of Patio Privacy Screens

Patio privacy screens are a great way of not only shielding your patio from prying eyes and adding a sense of comfortable seclusion, but also offer an easy way to beautify your patio. Patio privacy come an extremely wide variety of options, styles, and materials but can be broken down into two general groups.

Living Outdoor Privacy Screens

A popular option today is to set up various plants that, when full grown, will offer a degree of privacy to your patio. Some, such as rows of bamboo or some boxwood hedgerow will grow thick and stout enough to provide the same complete privacy that a fence will offer. There are other options as well, such as grasses, bushes, and certain trees. For example, Leyland Cypress trees and Lombardy Poplar trees are fast growing and provide ample coverage. The only thing to bear in mind when using something as big as trees is that you will likely have to set them back much farther than the actual line of your patio.

You don’t necessarily want to create full coverage all the time, however. That is where spaced bushes or grasses come in. Some people like the partial privacy they get from grasses and tall bushes, and these offer a wider variety of unique decorative styles to choose from.

Non-Living Outdoor Privacy Screens

More common methods for privacy around patio areas are the use of man-made patio privacy screens. These are more widely used because they tend to be much less maintenance intensive over time, and some designs are easily moved or swapped out, should the need ever arise.

Fencing is often the best option for those who want complete and total privacy. There are a wide variety of fence styles available, enough to suit just about anybody’s taste and outdoor decorative landscaping themes. Not only that, but for those that don’t mind a little woodworking and want to save money, you can easily build your own wooden fence of any style of your choosing for around your patio.

For those that don’t mind a little openness, there are different types of lattices and fretwork that can be bought or even constructed by the homeowner. Again, there are a wide enough range of styles to fit just about any decorative desire. However, a popular choice with lattice privacy screens is to combine them with vines and other clinging plants. Given enough time, this not only provides a beautiful look, but usually grows to offer the same sort of complete privacy as a full fence.

Something else to consider are temporary screens. Depending on what you use your patio for, there may be times where you want it closed off from prying eyes, but other times that you want it wide open. There are patio screens available that can be set up temporarily around your patio. They certainly aren’t as durable as most living screens, fences, or even lattices, but they’ll do the job and can be put away when not in use. These temporary screens may be perfect for somebody afraid of their screens being damaged from severe weather or don’t want their screens up over harsh winters, as they can be put away when inclement weather is imminent.

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