2 Uses for Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is a paving material that begins life as a solid granite rock. As the rock decomposes, it is weathered into smaller pieces which can be as a small as a sand grain or as large as a 1/4-inch in diameter. Because the material provides a natural look to all surfaces, it is commonly used for driveways, walkways or in pet kennels. Another factor that adds to its popularity is that it can be installed simply.

Paving Material for Your Yard Paths

Decomposed granite is a good material to consider for pathways because it looks more natural than concrete. The cost may be more or less than cement depending on how you use it. But one advantage it has over concrete is the many colors that are available for the material. The most common is charcoal gray but other shades such as browns and tans can be very attractive, especially if you match it with the surroundings.

Paving Material for Slopes

Decomposed granite is also a good surface for sloping areas around the house. The commonly used decomposed granite for this purpose has resin added to it, which makes a hard surface. Depending on where you buy it, the surface might look like a loose finish or asphalt. You do not have to replenish it, will not erode and can last from 10 to 14 years.