2 Uses for Sewer Tape

Sewer tape can be helpful for unclogging drains. It’s widely available to homeowners and not just plumbers. You can purchase one at most places that sell plumbing supplies, and you’ll want one in your tool kit for these two reasons:

1 – To Remove Blockage in Clogged Pipes

Plumbers use sewer tape to remove a blockage. You can use the spear tape to push the blockage out of the way, as you work to unclog drains. Unless you have a straight-run pipe, you’ll have trouble using a flat sewer tape. It’s better to stick to the ones that are curved.   

2 - To Trace Pipe Pathways

Before locatable cameras, which give a measurement of the pipe and shows how the pipes curve, plumbers found sewer tapes to be handy. You can run it along the pipes in the inside to trace its pathway. As a homeowner, you don’t own a locatable camera, so you can use sewer tape the way plumbers did.

Using sewer tape is straightforward and easy for the novice to handle. However, some plumbers complain that it’s not effective, and you may want to consider alternatives for unclogging your pipes.