2 Ways to Finish Concrete Basement Floors


If you want a good finish on your concrete basement floors, then you need to consider what to lay on the floors to give them a complete look. You can improve the end result of concrete basement floors by ensuring that the floor is level and completely smooth. Once that is done, you can add a number of finishes that will improve the floor and make it suitable for everyday use.


The first way to finish your concrete basement floors is by using carpets. Laying carpet is easy. It provides warmth and comfort to what would otherwise be a hard, cold floor. In order to get the most from your carpet, you must choose the right size for your basement floor and make sure that you cover them right up to the edges. Doing so prevents the floor from becoming drafty.

Wood Flooring

Another alternative is to install wood flooring lengths to cover your concrete basement floor. As long as the floors are level, they can support wood. Add an underlay to prevent the floors from being too cold. Fit the wood to the very edge to prevent drafts.