2 Ways to Get Involved with Sustainable Community Development 2 Ways to Get Involved with Sustainable Community Development

There are at least two ways to get involved in sustainable community development. These include locating and joining a sustainable community development group in your area and forming a sustainable community development group. These methods will help you connect with others in your community who care about those issues that affect our planet and are looking for proactive ways to become involved and active.

Sustainable community development refers to an aspect of the green living movement. This aspect looks at ways to incorporate materials that are sustainable and do not rely on non-sustainable means of production. It also seeks more energy efficient ways to live and encourages people to look beyond financial and tax incentives to live more responsible and greener lives.

1. Joining a Sustainable Community Development Group

Use the web to locate list serves and other sources to locate a sustainable community development group in your area. These groups are forming all over the country and offer you a way to connect with others who are strong in the sustainable community development movement. Joining an existing groups helps you find mentors and others who have a strong commitment to sustainable living and can show you how you can spread the message of sustainable community development to others within your community.

An existing sustainable community development group provides you with an established network of dedicated individuals from which to draw inspiration from and develop a plan of attack for living a more sustainable life. The power in numbers gives you a political and lobbying voice, both on the local and national level when joined in tandem with other sustainable community development groups around the country. If you are new to the sustainable community development movement, joining an existing and established group is the sensible way to go.

2. Creating a Sustainable Community Development Group 

If you have some knowledge or experience with the sustainable community development movement and know how to motivate and stir others to action, you may consider starting your own group. Starting your own sustainable community development group allows you to state your values, ideas and principles in a forum that you are involved in from the beginning. This allows you to tap into additional resources that may be available to you in order to advance the cause of sustainable community development. If you have additional political or lobbying experience, you can leverage that experience in behalf of the group in order to move agendas and see real impact through your effort. 

Starting your own sustainable community development group requires a commitment of time and effort on your part. It also requires that you develop or possess the ability to recruit others to your cause, raise money and awareness to the issues that effect sustainable community development. If you are lacking in any of these elements, it will be difficult for you to sustain your own interest in creating a group, let alone bringing other into the fold.

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