2 Ways to make Your Muted Warm Colors Pop

Warm colors add a great deal of vibrancy to a room and give it an inviting feel. Muted warm paint colors are traditionally in the red and orange family of the color wheel, with various shades of yellow included. An interior painting project with warm colors needs to be approached with some caution and planning, to keep the colors s from appearing overwhelming.

Accent Walls

Paints in oranges and orange-reds work best when applied to only 1 accent wall. Ideally this is a wall with at least one window. Windows and natural sunlight coming from them will cut down on the visual "loudness" that orange paint colors can easily have. Pair this accent wall with light, neutral colors on the remaining walls for the best sense of color balance.

Brown Undertones

When pairing a muted warm paint as an accent color with neutral paint colors, consider tying them together visually with a deeper red on a third or fourth wall section. Many deep reds have brown undertones, that the neutral tones pick up, and the orange or yellow painted wall will pull out the brighter red tones at the same time. Using this method will create a sense of balance along with unique visual interest.