2 Ways to Remove Twisted Studs in Basement Framing

There are several different ways to fix a twisted stud when you are basement framing, preparing to finish the walls with sheetrock or other panel. This task is basic framing that is easy to accomplish, but has to be accomplished in order to have a professionally-finished product.

1. Replace the Stud

If the stud is not carry the weight of a load bearing wall, which most walls are not in the basement, then the best way to fix the problem is to replace it with a new, straight piece of lumber. Simply cut the twisted piece of lumber out, and toenail the new one into place, making sure that the edges are level on the top and the bottom.

2. Add in Sister Studs

If the stud is bearing the weight of a load bearing wall, then it is a little harder task to replace the twisted stud. Before removing the damaged board, place a straight piece of lumber slightly to the left of it, making sure that it fits tightly in between the top and bottom plate. Now place one to the right of the stud, once again making sure that it is tight. Cut the twisted stud out and replace as is described above. After it is secured into place, the two studs that you forced into the framing to hold the top plate in place can be removed.

When fixing a twisted stud when basement framing the best way is to replace it with a new, straight piece of framing lumber.