2 Ways to Repair a Chipped Mirror Tile

If you have a chipped or broken mirror tile in your room, you will need to repair this quickly. The most common method of fixing the problem is to remove the mirror tile completely, but if you do not want to do this, you should try other methods in order to take out the chip.

1. Use Sandpaper

One way to take out the chip in your mirror tile is to remove the edges of the break using some sandpaper. Start at one edge, and start slowly smoothing around to the other edge of the chip. If the break is very small, then this is the best solution to your problem. It may leave a small dimple in your glass, but it will take out the sharp glass, and leave it smooth.

2. Use Glue Repair Solution

Purchase some glue repair liquid from your home improvement store. Place some tape around the edge of the chip, and push the nozzle of the liquid tube into chip. Squeeze out the liquid, and leave it to dry. You should then be able to remove the tape, leaving a repaired chip behind. This method is better for larger or more noticeable chips.