2 Wheel vs 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

The three-wheel electric scooter offers clear advantages over a 2-wheel configuration, but the enduring 2-wheel version doesn't pull any punches. The following article will help you decide which version is right for you.

3 vs. 2

What need do you intend to fill with your scooter? Both versions have varied designs.

The most common 3-wheelers go by the name mobility scooters. You see them in malls across the country giving mobility-impaired shoppers independence. Stand up models, in contrast, provide your children with a fun toy.

Three-wheelers use the extra wheel in either the front or back. Mobility scooters always place the extra wheel in the back. The front wheel steers for navigating tight corners. Three-wheeled scooters designed for the highway offer both configurations without forfeiting stability or cornering.

Two-wheel versions enjoy the fun factor with electrified versions for the kids. Motorcycle-styled road scooters and smaller minibike versions may also be found; some models collapse and fold for easy transport.

Segway reinvented two-wheeled personal transport with their stand-up model and created an entirely new product segment moving thoughts from fun to practical personal transportation. If you've ever seen one while walking on weary legs its tough not to be envious.

Cost vs. Stability

Excluding the Segway, cost will almost always score on the 2-wheel side. Electric two-wheelers have many models under $500, while 3-wheelers begin around $1,500.

Again, excluding the Segway, 3-wheelers excel in stability and this explains why so many mobility versions exist in this configuration. The third wheel placed in either a front or back location give the three-wheeler a notable stability edge.

Road versions offer a safer ride on wet pavement, cobblestone streets or patched paved roads. This is a clear check on the 3-wheeled side of your decision tree; 3-wheeled scooters simply outperform 2-wheeled transport in this category.

Stand Up vs. Sit Down

Three-wheeled stand up models exist in a Segway configuration and as children's toys, but all other models assume the rider either needs or wants to sit while enjoying the smooth accelerating and non-carbon-emitting transportation they afford.

Two-wheelers for children or in the fun category on stand up models, but small sit-down versions exist here too. Road versions always have seats configured as you'd expect to see on a motorcycle.

Battery Charge: 2 vs. 3

Size, weight and speed all factor here so that individual models must be examined. Three-wheel or 2-wheel, battery capacity versus necessary power output determines how long or how far your electric scooter will ride.

3-Wheel Rain Shield

If you're looking for a 3-wheel knockout punch this is it: a wrap around cabin. The cabin, more like a overarching awning, doesn't eliminate the dangers of motorcycles on an open road, but it does offer some protection.

Rain is the motorcyclist's enemy, but the canopy offers shielding here too. You'll still get wet, but it's not the same as rain pelting at road speeds.