2012 Holiday Gift Guide for a Home Handyman

Finding a gift for a home handyman (or woman) can be a challenge, as most handy people are very selective and want to choose the “perfect” tool for themselves. The trick is to find something useful that the handy person on your list might not think of picking out. So, here are 5 different and useful tools your handy person will be glad to have. Even better, they all cost less than $25, so you won’t need to break the bank this Christmas

Tool bag

Every home handyman has at least one tool box (some two or three). But metal boxes are hard and have sharp corners, so you need to be extra careful not to scratch or dent the counter or floor when putting it down. Plus you need a free hand just to carry it to the job. A heavy duty Nylon tool bag can carry all the tools a metal box will, but it’s soft on the bottom so it won’t scratch anything. Plus, most have a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry while leaving two hands free for other tools or just to open doors.

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Head lamp

A battery powered light with an adjustable head band (like a miner’s lamp) provides light while leaving your handyman with both hands free to work. Just think how much easier it is working under a sink if there is no need to hold a flashlight in one hand.

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Self adjusting wire stripper

Lots of small electrical projects require stripping or skinning wire. A project with lots of wires can it take a home handyman a several minutes to do the job. With a self adjusting wire stripper he can be as quick as a pro. Simply place the wire between the jaws and squeeze the handles. The wire stripper automatically adjusts to the proper size, so stripping insulation takes no time. As an added bonus, most come with a wire cutter and crimping notch, making it a multipurpose wiring tool.

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Y-adapter extension cord

About 2 feet long, a Y adapter extension cord attaches to another extension cord or plugs directly into the wall. By splitting a single power source into two, it allows a handyman to plug in more power tools at once, without the need to unplug and replug when changing tools. Also, since the power heads are spread apart, there’s lots of room to plug in bulky power adapters to recharge batteries while still allowing space to plug in tools.

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Laser level and stud finder

This combination tool makes many home jobs easier. Choose one that can locate wood and metal and can find wall studs as well as water pipes, power and telephone wires behind a wall. The level is useful when tiling or simply hanging shelves or pictures. Prices can range up to $75 but you can find less expensive models for under $25.

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Any handyman would be happy to find one of these items under the tree, because he knows you can never have too many tools.