2017 Home Design Trends

A room painted in the color green.

Redecorating your living space is one way to ring in the new year and create long-lasting change for both you and your family. Perhaps you’ve finally saved up enough cash to update the outdated design that came with your home when you purchased it, or maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to take advantage of the latest trends. Either way, here are some of the trends home design experts claim will be popular for the coming year.

All of the Green

Green—as in the color—is coming back in 2017. Both a bright, vibrant green and a dark jungle green are the color of choice in home decor lines everywhere. With the eco-friendly movement and its symbolism for health and the happiness that follows, people are opting for all the green they can find. Wall paint, furniture, bed sheets, and so much more are all the rage in 2017 in green hues.

Small Spaces and Escapes

A person reading a book on a bed with lots of pillows and Christmas lights.

As technology is an ever-growing and consuming part of our lives, people are creating small, cozy spaces they can retreat to—while still at home. Have you ever tried to read a book while someone was watching TV or playing a video game? For some, it can be nearly impossible to concentrate. Nowadays, the trend is to create small spaces in attics, basements, and unused corners of the home to have a little reading or study area away from all the sounds of technology. Rather than asking the family or roommates to turn off all their gadgets (nigh impossible), create a space for peace and quiet when someone needs it. Think of a small nook like the cupboard under the stairs in Harry Potter, or a large closet where pillows line the floor.

Fold it up and Away

Small homes have been on the up-and-up for several years, with the tiny home movement leading the charge. In line with this, home designers and decorators are searching for appliances, walls, and entire rooms that can fold up and be put away to save room. As an example, Murphy beds, which fold up into a wall or cabinet and have been around for years, are back in style. Look for more of these neat, space-saving designs in the year ahead.

Fake Finishes Galore

A bowl of cherries on a marble tabletop.

Faux finishes are becoming more popular than ever because they’re so versatile. For instance, marble wallpaper is a hundred times more cost-effective than marble tiles and takes far less time to install. Another popular fake finish are faux wood panels, which don’t need to be sealed, don’t rot when wet, and are generally cheaper than wood. There are plenty of other fake finishes popping up on the home design circuit created with price, durability, and designer class in mind.

Heated Floors and Cozy Things

Who doesn’t love being snuggled up in blankets? Now more than ever, spaces are designed and decorated with coziness in mind—from heated floors to more pillows, fluffy blankets, and comfort in general. As an added bonus, heated floors can warm up a room for less cost than conventional heating (and keep your toes warm in the winter).