23 Quart Presto Pressure Cooker

The largest available model, the 23-quart Presto pressure cooker is the ideal tool to use when canning or preserving. Don't leave anything to chance when preparing foods for long-term storage. A pressure cooker creates a fully-sealed environment, perfect for sealing lids and preserving vegetables, fish, meat, fruit and more. Canning is the best way to store foods with a low acid content such as those mentioned. Presto pressure cookers come with several features designed to improve their ease of use and function properly every time.


The 23-quart pressure cooker from Presto features a large body made of heavy-gauge aluminum. Operational features include an easy-to-read pressure gauge that indicates the level. An air vent and cover lock are in place for safety. Likewise, the pressure only builds when the lid is properly sealed. The aluminum cooker won't warp, and it can be used on either a regular or smooth top stove.

Superior Performance

Pressure cookers perform far faster than other types of cookware. Especially when canning, where a high, rolling boil must be maintained, pressure cookers are ideal. With a 23-quart model, large batches of preserves, pickles or other canned goods can be completed simultaneously. Costing around $140, the largest of Presto pressure cookers is well worth the expense.