3 Advantages of an Adjustable Shower Arm

An adjustable shower arm is used to extend the shower. This attachment provides 3 key advantages.

Height and Ability Requirements

An adjustable shower arm can be raised and lowered to meet the height and ability level of the person who is using the shower, meaning that a person of any age can have the same experience in the shower. It is a distinct advantage that an adjustable shower arm has over a fixed height shower arm. This advantage gives increased independence and freedom for a person who is under care or in need of assistance to meet their basic daily living needs.

Americans With Disabilities Act

Meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act is important if you must provide long-term care for a family member or other individual. An adjustable shower arm can provide you with a way to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which sets standards for equipment that is used to provide care. An adjustable shower arm with a detachable head assists long term care patients and disabled people.

Make Showering Easier and Fun

An adjustable shower arm can convince small children to use the shower. The adjustable shower arm can brought to a child's level, giving him or her the freedom to use the shower without the assistance of a parent.

There are some of the advantages associated with adjustable shower arms that make an adjustable shower arm a worthwhile consideration for your bathroom remodel. They provide you with added comfort and flexibility when caring for someone in the household.