3 Advantages of Using a Plug Aerator 3 Advantages of Using a Plug Aerator

plug aerator is one of the three main methods that are used with lawn aeration. Basically, whenever you are aerating your grass lawn you are opening up the soil so that the grass roots can properly breathe. This is something that is necessary if your grass has to grow in soil that contains heavy clay or has a thatch build up that is deep. It is also something that you should consider if there is a lot of foot traffic. Whenever the grass roots cannot get enough water or oxygen, lawn aeration is necessary. If you notice that your lawn is looking rather lackluster, then you should consider a plug aerator to fix this.

1. Effectiveness

Plug aeration is also known as core aeration. It is done by using a power machine which will take out up to a 4-inch-long plug of soil and grass about every 3 to 4 inches throughout your entire lawn. It is thought of to be the most effective method whenever you are looking into aerating your lawn. When compared to spike aeration, which only makes cuts in the lawn, plug aeration will take out plugs directly from your soil. What this does is allows your soil the ability to get a lot more air than just with simple cuts. These plugs also allow for more water and fertilizer to get deep down into the soil where it needs to be. Cuts cannot allow as much of this as the holes are not big enough. A lawn that has had plug aeration will end up looking much healthier than one that has had spike aeration.

2. Availability

Another good thing to consider when using plug aeration is that it is easily obtainable. The machine that is needed for it is available at any home improvement store. Because they can be quite expensive, they are available to be rented. This can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. Because this is a method that is often preferred over others, it may be a little bit more expensive for a professional to do. You will find that it is well worth the money in the end whenever you have a healthy and beautiful lawn.

3. Considerations

The only thing that people do not often like about this particular type of aeration is the fact that your lawn will have holes in it. However, what you should consider is the fact that these holes are not permanent. People will sometimes choose spike aeration over plug because the visual effects that your lawn will have temporarily will look better. However, in the long run, a lawn that has had spike aeration will not be as healthy or look as good as a lawn that has had plug aeration. As long as you can get past the temporary look of your lawn, you will be rewarded later down the road with a beautiful lawn.

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