3 Advantages of Using a Round Chimney Cap

The advantages of using a round chimney cap weigh heavier in your favor than if you end up not using one. There are chimney caps that come in various sizes, styles and designs. There are also varying degrees of quality, so your purchase will depend on what you are looking for.

Blocks Small Animals from Entering

Chimney caps ensure that birds, squirrels, bats and other small animals do not have access to your chimney and enter your home through your fireplace. When you purchase the caps, be sure they are made of durable material that does not easily rust. Also, the cap should have small holes to keep small animals from entering your home through your chimney. Also look for strong materials that will withstand animal bites and claw marks.

Blocks Sparks from Leaving Chimney

When you use your fireplace frequently, there is a buildup of tar and creosotes around the walls of the fireplace and chimney. These materials build up over time and can cause fires to spread inside your home or fly out as sparks from your chimney and cause fires on your rooftop or lawns. Installing a chimney cap can be a safety precaution against sparks that might fly out from your chimney.

Reduce Heating and Gas Bill

Certain types of chimney caps are made to improve chimney draft problems. Winds that blow down your chimney into your home can raise heating and gas bills to skyrocket through the roof. Installing the right kind of chimney caps can lessen the down draft from chimneys and save you money in the long run. If you live in an especially windy area, look for chimney caps that help you reduce chimney drafts. Be sure these products are made from durable materials and an easy to install product that will stay in place. Look for chimney caps that you can install onto the flue or rooftop itself, rather than attaching only to the chimney. Because strong wind can work to loosen and dislodge chimney caps, make sure that the product you choose to buy will match the conditions of your region.

Some chimney caps that prevent drafts and elevate updraft come electronically enabled. These types of chimney caps control the amount of draft right for your fireplace. Installation of these types of chimney caps is more time-consuming. However, the advantages are lower heating and gas bills and a warmer house naturally.

Depending on your budget, there are many options when choosing the chimney cap. You can find everything from a regular chimney cap, to an electronic chimney cap, that will maintain the right level of draft for your fireplace. You can base your selections on your specific needs. Choose your chimney caps based on your region, weather and personal preference.