3 Advantages of Using an Electronic Water Timer

There are many appliances which can help the modern gardener, and one of the most beneficial, although least used, is the electronic water timer. These devices are designed to be used so that you can program when you want particular plants to be watered, leaving you free to do other jobs in the garden without worrying about watering in the greenhouse, or giving certain plants some water. It takes the anxiety out of caring for delicate plants, or of growing your own vegetables. There are a number of reasons why an electronic water timer is the gardener's friend.

1. Ease of Use

Most electronic water timers available to the general public are small and compact, and they can easily be used over outside taps or rain collection barrel taps, so that whatever kind of watering system you use, you can find a water timer to suit your needs. These timers are controlled by a programmable timing system which is often just one or two buttons, pressed until you get the right time. You can set the timers to go off at certain hours of the day, for example when the sun is rising in the morning, or setting at night, so whatever time you want the plants to be watered, they can be programmed for this hour.

2. Organization

The timing mechanism allows you to organize when your plants will be watered, even if you are intending to go away for a week, or work uncertain hours which can mean that you miss prescribed watering times. With an electronic water timer, you don't have to worry about these matters anymore, meaning that you can get on with the rest of your life without having to worry about attending to your garden. Some water timers have multiple functions, which means that you can use solenoid valves to create watering cycles, so if a certain part of the garden wants watering at one time, and a second at a different time, you can use the water timer to organize all of these waterings.

3. Precision

The electronic water timer also allows you to water your plants precisely as much as they need to be watered, so that you can get small growing plants watered several times a day for short periods. This will help to avoid having to water them in large amounts once a day, which can disturb and even uproot small seedlings. With multi-function settings, you can arrange for some plants to be watered 3 times a day for only a minute or two, and border plants or squashes for 30 minutes at a time. This allows you to precisely locate your watering, with plants which need it getting more attention than you would ordinarily be able to give them. Along with the organization, you can allow just enough water to reach your plants, without over watering them, meaning that you can also economize on the amount of water you use.