3 Advantages of Using Textured Spray Paint

Textured spray paint is just like any other spray paint on the market. Textured spray paint is an aerosol that comes in a can and in various colors and styles like semi-gloss, satin or matte. Textured spray paint is used in exactly the same manner as all of the other spray paint on the market. The big deal about textured spray paint is the fact that it is textured but what does that mean for you as a consumer or a do-it-yourselfer? The following article will help to answer that question while laying out the advantages of using textured spray paint.

The Cost of Textured Spray Paint

When you are shopping for paint at the local home improvement store you will be overwhelmed by not only the amount of choices but the price. A gallon of standard paint that is not even a decent brand can run you over $25.00 and if you want to get into quality paints you can double that amount. Textured paint will add another $10 to 15.00 to the overall cost of the paint. You can add your own sand to a regular paint to get that same effect but too much sand and you just ruined the paint. Under normal circumstances you could return the paint but do not expect a refund in this case. The solution is to use textured spray paint. It gives you the same effect at a cost that does not even break double digits.

Easy to Use

Textured paint is created by adding sand to normal paint and then stirring it. When you apply the paint to the wall and it dries, the sand is spread out over the surface and you get something that looks like popcorn ceilings. This sounds easy enough but if any textured paint dries on the roller or brush you will wind up with voids in the paint. You will also ruin the brush, the roller and paint tray because the sand will simply remain and dry, making it impossible to reuse these items. Textured spray paint gives you an even coating every time and there are no materials for you to use once and then throw away. Just clean the nozzle of the can when you are finished and you will be good to go the next time you want to use the textured spray paint.

Small Job Perfection

Textured spray paint is not meant to be used on large jobs because it is a spray paint. If you bought enough textured spray paint cans then you could presumably do an entire wall using them. Textured spray paint really shines when used sparingly and on a small job. Painting an old picture frame using textured spray paint can give new life to something you may have been ready to throw out. Textured spray paint is also great to use to finish natural wood handles on brooms and other such items. Once the paint dries you will have a textured surface which increases your grip and will prevent you from having to pull out splinters afterward.