3 Advantages to Putting a Barrister Bookcase in a Home Office

A barrister bookcase is a multi-shelved bookcase, distinguished by the clear glass doors in the front of the bookcase. There are a number of advantages to putting such a bookcase in your home office, including:

1. Less Dust

On a typical bookcase, dust can cover your shelving and any books, decorative items or paperwork you have stored on the shelves. The glass doors on the barrister bookcase keep dust away. While you'll have to dust the glass doors themselves occasionally, this involves less work than dusting the shelves and items contained therein one by one.

2. Less Exposure to Air

Some types of paper yellow over time when exposed to air for long periods. This is especially true for newspapers and old books. Using a barrister bookcase to cover your documents will allow them less exposure to air so that they don't yellow as quickly. (However, storing them in a dark area may be the most effective solution to keep air and sunlight from yellowing old papers.)

3. The Bookcases Are Attractive

A barrister bookcase can give a home office an attractive, elegant look. Protecting your books, office supplies and documents behind a glass case is much more attractive aesthetically than haphazardly throwing them along a traditional bookcase.