3 Advantages to Putting in a French Drain

A French drain can be a great asset to your home or land. If you are considering adding one for your next home project, here is a quick guide that can help you decide. 

Advantage 1 - Takes Away Moisture

The biggest advantage to this drain is keeping the moisture from flooding your home or land. Installing a French drain allows you to direct any water from a higher spot, typically where your home or garage is located, to a lower one. This keeps you from having to deal with flooding in the home, as well as messy water clean up. 

Advantage 2 - Easy to Install

Not only does the water flow with ease in the direction that you want, you can install it on your own with a few easy steps. The most difficult part of this project is deciding where you want to put the drain and from there on, it's all down hill. This type of drain also exceeds others as you do not have to do damage to your yard to install it. 

Advantage 3 - Eco-Friendly

Going green is a huge movement right now and adding a French drain can set you in the right direction. Using eco-friendly materials to build it can help not only the environment, but also your wallet.