3 Basic Tips to Care for Garden Mums

Caring for garden mums or chrysanthemums is easy as these flowers are generally low maintenance. Following are three cultivation tips that can be followed to ensure a maximum number of blossoms on each plant in your garden.

Dividing Garden Mums

    Chrysanthemums can be divided in the spring when new sprouts appear on the plant. To divide the plant, remove the plant from the ground and set it on a sheet of newspaper. Cut across the base of the plant, taking care not to sever any rots from the plant. Use a sharp knife to cut down the center of the plant at the base. If the plant is large, cut it again crosswise so there are four separated sections. Replant each mum section in your garden, allowing at least 10 to 12 inches between each plant.

    Mulching Garden Mums

    Chrysanthemums benefit from a layer of mulch applied to the base of the plant before the winter season begins. The mulch should be a maximum of 2 inches thick. This will help restore nutrients to the soil and keep the plant warm as the cold weather approaches.

    Fertilizing Garden Mums

    Mums should be fertilized before they blossom during the summer. A good all-purpose fertilizer for annuals and perennials can be used on mums. Apply according to the directions on the package. Mums do not require fertilizing once the blossoms appear on the plants.