3 Basic Tools Needed for Air Conditioner Repairing

Don't suffer through a hot summer: you can do some air conditioner repairing yourself instead of waiting for an expensive professional. Just make sure you have the following tools on hand to make your repairs. 


This can be all you need to do air conditioner repairing, especially if you notice your unit is making a lot of noise. First inspect the fan blades to see if they've come loose and use your screwdriver to tighten those screws. If after that you still hear noise, chances are another part is starting to come loose. Check around the motor for any loose screws that may need tightening. 


Yes, something as simple as a piece of cloth can be all you need for air conditioner repairing! An air conditioner unit will stop working because buildup of dust and debris has blocked the fan, preventing air from circulating out of the back of the unit. All you need to do is wipe wherever you see a buildup of dust. This may require you to remove fan blades or other small parts. 


Your air conditioner fan may need a shot of oil to get working again. Make sure you buy oil specifically made for air conditioners and follow the directions carefully.