3 Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

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When it comes to refurbishing a bathroom, you have a multitude of choices for a new bathroom shower tile design. Here are a few popular ideas you can use.

Chair Rail Effect

You can achieve an interesting and appealing effect in a bathroom by imitating a chair rail. A chair rail is normally a waist high molding used to keep chairs from being pushed against walls. For this improvement, you will need 2 different styles of tile and some waterproofed or weatherproofed molding or trim. You can apply a style of tile low on your bathroom wall, apply the waterproof molding, then use another another pattern or color scheme above it.


You can create a unique design in your bathroom using a mural idea. You can buy a pre-packaged mural and apply it to your wall as a central focal point, then tile around the mural with coordinating colors.


Mosaic tiles add a nice touch to almost any surface. They take a little longer to create, but the results can be impressive and artistic. Combine a mosaic effect with standard tiling to create a fractured look, or use it on one side of the chair rail for another option. The other great thing about mosaic tile is that you can purchase damaged boxes of tiles for a discount and use them as the basis for your project.