3 Beginner Craft Projects With Foam Board

Beginner craft projects require the use of special materials, like foam board because they are easy to work with. Thanks to its durability and the ease with which it is cut, foam board is perfect to use for crafters of all ages. Since it is faced on both sides with medium stock Kraft paper, it holds paint, markers and glue well. It is versatile enough for 2-D backgrounds and 3-D structures. It is hangable, sturdy enough to support a fair amount of weight and its polystyrene core and, when cut, holds its shape. For both children and adults, foam board is perfect for craft projects. Consider the following 3 ideas: 


Simple eye masks are easy to make out of foam board, and the possibilities for decoration are endless. Starting with a rectangular piece of foam board big enough to cover the upper half of a face, trace out a pattern for the mask with a pencil. Make sure you include a curve on the bottom for the nose and two holes for your eyes.


Next, score the lines with a razor cutter, following that with one or two passes to separate the pieces. With the basic shape cut out, you can begin to decorate. Paint, sequins, glitter, felt, feathers or just about anything is good for decoration. Finish it by gluing a thin length of dowel to one side so the mask can be easily held up to your face. 

Shoebox Diorama

Going 3-D, foam board is ideal for building small pieces of furniture, structures or other elements of a shoebox diorama. Chair, shelves, desks are easy to put together with the right size pieces and some glue. Once you assemble the pieces, paint them or decorate them as you wish.


Finish your diorama by gluing cut-out photographs of people, animals or anything you’d like onto foam board. Trace around the images on the board then cut them out. You’re left with sturdy foam board cutout of the image. Glue these down into the diorama. Or you can leave small tabs on the bottom of the figures and cut out tracks on the bottom of the shoebox, letting your figurines be movable. 

Shadow Puppets

All you need to make shadow puppets are pieces of foam board, some glue and ,or popsicle sticks. Trace out funny or extravagant characters onto the foam board. Score the lines and cut them out into their respective shapes. For shadow puppets, the more expressive the better. Finish them by gluing a dowel or popsicle stick so the puppeteers can hold them. With the right light and a screen in front, you can put on your own shadow puppet show. 

When using razor cutters, make sure they are used safely. For young children, an adult should do all the cutting. Non-toxic glue is best, especially for children. These 3 beginning craft ideas will get you started and occupy a class or group of children for hours. The more you work with foam board, the more ideas will pop into your head.